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Bing Dong

Associate Professor

Dr. Bing Dong works on human building interactions, integrated building energy systems, building controls and diagnostics. He teaches HVAC design and fundamental of controls. He directs the BESTLab.

Zhipeng Deng

Postdoctoral Researcher

Dr. Zhipeng Deng is a postdoctoral researcher working on multiple projects related to healthy building environment and smart control of HVAC systems. He received PhD degree from Purdue University.

Yapan Liu

Ph.D. Candidate

Yapan is a Ph.D. Candidate, his research focuses on big data based urban scale human mobility study, occupant behavior modeling, and building-to-grid control.

Yuewei Li

Ph.D. Student

Yuewei is a fourth-year Ph.D. student, he is currently working on "Development and Demonstrate an Occupant-Centric Modular Energy Pod" project.

Xuezheng Wang

Ph.D. Student

Xuezheng is a third-year Ph.D. student, he is currently working on "Honeywell Syracuse Next Generation IAQ Research" project.  

Zixin Jiang

Ph.D. Student

Zixin is a third-year Ph.D. student, his research focuses on Occupancy, B2G flexibility & resilience and Data-driven.

Pratik Pandey

Ph.D. Student

Pratik Pandey, a third-year Ph.D. student at Syracuse University, researches HVAC control, climate change's energy impact, and occupant behavior at the BEST Lab, using simulations and AI. He holds an MS from Wichita State University.  

Ji Zhou

Ph.D. Student

Ji Zhou is a first-year Ph.D. student. His research focus on indoor air quality, human mobility visualization, and energy consumption and occupant behavior analysis.  

Yongyun Jin

Ph.D. Student

Yongyun is a first-year Ph.D. student. His current research focuses on MycoCore Zero Carbon Insulated Panel Systems.  

Yiting Yang

Ph.D. Student

Yiting is a first-year Ph.D. student. Her current research focuses on building energy prediction and controls.  

BEST Lab Alumni

Postdoctoral Researcher

Meng Kong, Ph.D., 2019-2021

Ph.D. Students

Hannah Fontenot, Ph.D. graduated in December 2021

Zhaoxuan Li, Ph.D. graduated in May 2018

Marzieh Jafary (Co-Advised by Prof. Les), Ph.D. graduated in May 2018

Amin Mirakhorli, Ph.D. graduated in December 2017

Master Students

Wei Mu, M.S. in Finance and Applied Data Science, graduated in May 2021

Junfan Chen, M.S. in B.A. and C.S., 2021-Present

TJ Tolbert, M.S. in MAE, 2021

Yu Bao, M.S. graduated in May 2021

Sadam Abdelmutaal, M.S. graduated in May 2019

 Vishnu Prakash, M.S. graduated in May 2019

• Tianhui Jiang, M.S. graduated in May 2018

Matthew Coleman, M.S. graduate in August 2017

Edward(Rome) Hooks, M.S. 2014-2016, now at Texas Sustainable Energy Solutions, LLC

Gaelen MacFand, M.S. 2014-2016, now at CPS Energy

Bryan Rivas, M.S. 2013-2016

John Delgado, M.S. 2014-2015

S M Rahman, M.S. 2013-2015

Debashis Dey, M.S. 2013-2015

Cody Lee, M.S. 2013-2014

Undergraduate Students

Collin Fiske, B.S. 

 Daniel Hinojosa, B.S.

Gabriela Pineda, B.S.

Karen Aradillaz, B.S.

Montgomery Bertschy, B.S.

Steven Stringfield, B.S. 

Tianhui Li, B.S. 

Richard Wan, B.S.